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Wine flavours and more.

Is tasting a wine difficult? Or is it a skill you can learn. What are the things you have to look out for. And can you taste wine Yes everyone can taste wine, young to old no matter what. Tasting a wine is based on some simple rules. First what do you see, what do […]

Ever seen a winemaker looking to the stars ?

Ever seen a winemaker looking to the stars ? Or heard of a “special” day you are not familiar with. Big chance it’s from the biodynamic philosophy. Where some days are better to harvest then others for example.  And yes all wineries are commercial otherwise they didn’t exist. For me the best way is the sustainable way […]

Modern versus Classic wine

In the old days it was a lot easier. There where classic wine regions like Burgundy or Bordeaux and you had the new waves from Australia or California. Now classic styles are made in Barrossa and the modern Bordeaux can be found in the stores. What are the pro’s and cons of the modern and […]

Rioja, Building on perfection…

Rioja is the (most) known wine region of Spain. Situated in the north. Most famous for big bold but elegant red wines.  In general made from the Tempranillo grape but many others are used. I can still remember the first time I tasted Rioja. The first time I was impressed by the wood flavours. Mainly […]

Oporto I love you

Port is like wine. Something that comes with many faces. And I am not only talking about styles. Like Ruby, Tawny or Vintage for example. I am talking about Producers or Port houses. Many with English backgrounds In fact we should be thankful for the English people. Because wine didn’t survive the long boat trip. […]

Japanese cuisine with Grüner veltliner

I have a confession to make. I didn’t appreciate the Grüner Veltliner in the beginning. Maybe because I didn’t understand him. Maybe because the first encounter wasn’t the perfect one. The wrong bottle or not the right producer (for me).  But now I can tell you full hearted. I love this grape, I like this […]

The Malbec is now a famous red wine from Argentina.

The truth is Malbec is original French grape variety. But not all people did like him so they send him on a distance… It brings wines with a lot of colour and taste and due to the climate a little bit more smooth then the famous French wines of Malbec. The popularity of the Malbec […]

Romantic Greece.

The little lights at the sea. The gentle rocking of our blue and white boat in the harbour. A cosy tavern is all we need. On the background historical buildings, a statue of a Greek god I see. This love for this land will go further. Further to the vineyards you will hardly see. Greece […]

Mon Sherry

From bone dry till luscious sweet Sherry has it all. This extremes make it the perfect wine throughout the whole meal. A wine with a long history, interesting  and with many faces.  “sherry is the famous fortified wine out of Spain. Coming from the vineyards in the triangle made of the 3 famous cities. Jerez […]

The German king Riesling

Germany and Riesling a bond for centuries. From the many steep slopes and different soils that Germany is rich. It gives wines in different styles. Wines for wine lovers. And wine lovers loves those wines.  Acidity, sweetness, petrol & lime. Riesling here we go … From the vibrant & lively dry Riesling style (think about […]