Is tasting a wine difficult? Or is it a skill you can learn. What are the things you have to look out for. And can you taste wine

Yes everyone can taste wine, young to old no matter what.

Tasting a wine is based on some simple rules. First what do you see, what do you smell and what do you taste. The colour of the wine often already gives you a big hint of what the flavour could be. Although many exceptions are there. What you smell is in my opinion divided in two different parts. One: the general used and international agreed terms and the second your own findings and discoveries . 

The first and often seen as most important,  is the international taste or smell of a wine. It are the general flavours/smells that are international used and are in fact easy to use and to share.  It are the ones you will find on the specific  aroma wheel. Therefor easy to learn and to remember; from the fruity flavours like strawberry or black berry. To citrus like lemons and oranges.  Or the more earth flavours like mushrooms and mud.  It’s a language spoken by wine lovers all over the world from California till Australia.

The second part are the personal associations. I used to play soccer and on rainy days the last five minutes of the practice  we used to make many slides on a special part of the field. We played on silky loam fields and on the end we looked like mud men from mars with dirt all over. 

You even tasted in the mouth.

And think about your grand ma’s closet. Mine had cigar boxes for the pins and the playing cards. Above the shelf where the slowly matured sherry bottle was stored (one glass on Sundays) maybe yours have dried Oregon (Italian) or special lemon grass (Indonesia) stored there. All depending on culture or habits. 

So how can you use all this information.

To make a tasting profile work I believe you have to use a little bit of both. So pick 3 or 4 general used terms with 3-4 terms of your own.  That way you always got a great story to tell to people.

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