Ever seen a winemaker looking to the stars ? Or heard of a “special” day you are not familiar with. Big chance it’s from the biodynamic philosophy. Where some days are better to harvest then others for example.  And yes all wineries are commercial otherwise they didn’t exist. For me the best way is the sustainable way in the broadest scent

It’s been told for years that wine is a natural product. Protected from all the other opinions. Jet so many things have happened. The amount of copper in Bordeaux is enough to make a complete new bell for the church tower. 

What’s better  commercial made or biodynamic?

 I don’t know. For me the taste is far more important than the stars and elements in the sky. And I ‘m definitely not waiting for the perfect day to taste a wine when the stars are in line. Flowers day, Fruit day , Root day to name a few. But I love the new motion that’s going on in the wine world. Solar for electricity, gravity lines and ecological buildings. 

Sustainable winemaking or better “natural” wine making rocks. Taking care of the bees, the flowers and the trees. Going through the vineyard with a horse (allways remember the photo of Didier Dagueneau almost 15 years ago) and the many projects for people to be involved or to be able to grow (fairtrade among others)

Not all sustainable wines will make your heart sing. Often they have this “natural” fling in the smell and taste. Maybe to make it authentic, maybe because it’s what it will give to a wine. I don’t know. I do know that if you ever got a change to meet Nicolas Joly. You will be more open for biodynamic wine making and the possibilities there are. A man with great passion and knowledge.

The biggest question is, are we willing to get to know this wines? Willing to pay some more bucks? Willing to have some disappointments and still keeping our good intention alive? I am more and more. Maybe it comes with age (old….) maybe because responsible wine making is not only better for nature as well as the quality of the wine.  Or maybe because it’s the new trend..

If you want to know more about wine 

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