In the old days it was a lot easier. There where classic wine regions like Burgundy or Bordeaux and you had the new waves from Australia or California. Now classic styles are made in Barrossa and the modern Bordeaux can be found in the stores. What are the pro’s and cons of the modern and classic winemaking styles. If there are any. In fact I believe it’s more and more a mixture of both. Like classic wines with modern technology or visa versa modern wines with classic influences.

A great example is maybe the famous Spanish red Rioja. Specially the Gran Reserva. Years ago you really was licking the wood. Now often elegant styles with integrated wood.Modern winemaking is a great thing to have. Wines are more and more controlled and more and more precise in flavours and smell. From the sorting of the perfect grapes. Too controlled fermentation. Backed up with science in the laboratory. 

Harvest years matter less. More and more only for the volume and for the aging potential. Excellent years you can keep for 20 years good wines or maybe 10. The wines them self are well made. The knowledge of generations is combined with science to make every year a successful year. Just slightly different but still well made.

Add to this the growing of some of the greatest classic wine producers and you’re lost in the labyrinth. Most famous (classic) producers are making wine from “bottom” till Prestige. Think about the famous Penfolds line. You can find them at your local retailer and on the top wine lists of the best restaurants in the world. 

“A Penfolds Grange for you…?

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