Port is like wine. Something that comes with many faces. And I am not only talking about styles. Like Ruby, Tawny or Vintage for example. I am talking about Producers or Port houses. Many with English backgrounds In fact we should be thankful for the English people.

Because wine didn’t survive the long boat trip. It was often oxidized, didn’t taste the way it should. Till one day they added alcohol to the wine (most likely to add water on the other side of the ocean) Tasting it there the way it was, and they liked it. “Port” wine was born (the short story) And yes many people order Port easily. Like red or white, with no further due. No interest in taste, producer or what so ever. They just want port. A shame!!! Something you’ll never do (again, from now on )

A ruby port from for example Dow’s or a ruby port from Kopke taste slightly different. The short minded will tell you they are the same; “both Ruby port. Kopke port will be more fruit driven in smell and taste. it are these little nuances you’ll like or dislike.

And some tawny are made like an old ruby (fruit driven) and others are far more matured. Think about that when you want to combine them with food. The classic port and cheese story we can flip as well. I believe that 90 % of all cheeses are better off with white port then with the red. Just try it out.  Do pay attention to the garniture; Figs, honey, nuts etc.

Did you know that many countries in Europe just “settle” for ruby and tawny port. And that America is one of the biggest consumers of Vintage and prestige ports? You’ll start asking yourself why. I hope you will be more picky next time if you are ordering or buying a port. It’s a fantastic drink on its own and with many dishes if he’s from the right producer or port house! 

Anyway the conclusion is that Port isn’t port because it’s port. But Port is port because it should be port. Just think about that while tasting a glass of …

Share your favorite port and why in the comments! Love to hear them from you

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