The truth is Malbec is original French grape variety. But not all people did like him so they send him on a distance… It brings wines with a lot of colour and taste and due to the climate a little bit more smooth then the famous French wines of Malbec.

The popularity of the Malbec grape is a combination of facts. You can find price/ value wines at the retailer or you can find boutique examples at the wine store. It’s the elegant full flavour that makes a lot of wine lovers appreciate these wines. 

Malbec is a grape with a so called thick skin. It gives dark coloured wines with often a high alcohol level. The power is the combination of fruits and flavours that are in balance. Depending which attitude and/ or climate it’s growing.  Cool nights provide nice freshness and acidity in the wines to keep them easy and accessible.

Did you know Malbec grapes grow on the Andes mountains till nearly 1450 meters above sea level.

Mendoza is the Malbec capital. 

The Region knows 5 zones where 2 areas are most prominent. Zone Alta del Río and Valle de Uco.  Alta del Río is known as “La Primera Zona”  the classic heart of the Malbec vineyards where a lot of famous producers are settled. This area is now under pressure by the expanding of the city of Mendoza. That’s the reason why Valle de Uco is growing. With the help of international investments.  

Back to Malbec.

In general it gives wines with lots of red fruit. Think about Red Plums, Blue berry, Black raspberry or grape Jam. Add some vanilla, sweet tobacco and cocoa and here you go! Where basic Malbec are more in the juicy style  with red fruit and balanced tannin. The Reserva wines have more  black fruit aroma’s with sometimes a touch of chocolate. 

The higher you get, the better!

Malbec of higher attitude are seen as better quality. It will add some more tannin, acidity and herbal notes to the already full bodied wines in general   

So the most Malbec grapes are from or around Mendoza and worth to (re)discover


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