The little lights at the sea. The gentle rocking of our blue and white boat in the harbour. A cosy tavern is all we need. On the background historical buildings, a statue of a Greek god I see. This love for this land will go further. Further to the vineyards you will hardly see. Greece is one of the oldest wine countries of the world. Sometimes hard to believe. Because you will have to look to find them. But from now on you will indeed.

From bone dry white wines from the famous Santinori (the volcanic isle in the sea.) too bold reds from Naoussa (the first appellation of Greece) and if you got a change to taste it. Maybe a glass of Mavrodaphne is all you need.

Mavrodaphne or Mavrodaphne de Patras is a famous almost “port style” wine from the Peloponesse region. Situated in the south west of Greece. It’s a sweet luscious ripe red wine from mainly the Mavrodaphne grape variety. Just try and you will see.

“Xinomavro a grape that has Greece written all over it”

Naoussa is all about Macedonia. The well known region in the North. It will bring you bold red wines from mainly the Xinomavro grapes. Free translated it means acid black. Rich in tannins with a great aging potential. Combined with complex aroma’s of red fruit and even some olives and spices.

And what about Santorini?

The famous Santorini, the volcanic isle in the sea. With his famous grape the Assyrtiko and very uncommon way of growing vines. It’s like a basket on the ground (Like some kind of bird’s nest), but it works. It gives the vines their protection. From the sun & the wind. Bone dry with citrus aromas and almost earthy after taste. The Assyrtiko at his best. Maintaining his acidity. And when you take a look at this Isle. How romantic can it be. 

Some grapes I still like to mention, just look them up you will see. Think about Agiorghitiko, Roditis and Robola. The love of Greece is sometimes all you need.

Do you want to know more about wine? 

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