From bone dry till luscious sweet Sherry has it all. This extremes make it the perfect wine throughout the whole meal. A wine with a long history, interesting  and with many faces. 

“sherry is the famous fortified wine out of Spain. Coming from the vineyards in the triangle made of the 3 famous cities. Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. 

Sherry is the most colourful wine there is. 

From almost pale white like many Fino’s (for example the famous bone dry Tio Pepe ) till all kinds of brown for the Oloroso or Amontillado styles. And all most black if you count the PX in (VDN from sundried  Pedro Ximenez grapes. Also known as the “Asoleo” process. 

The power of Sherry is the different styles and with that the amazing differences between producers. So if you didn’t like Sherry the first time you tasted it. This could be because you had the wrong producer (for you) or perhaps a little old bottle (to long open, Sherry can be kept for quite a while but a fresh bottle always got more aromas and flavour.) 

The types of Sherry in short

Fino and Manzanilla are the two dry styles of sherry. Where Manzanilla often has this little more salty flavour. Often pale dry and paired with a nice acidity and a touch of almonds. Both from Criadera’s that had the famous “flor” and made of Palomino grape.  Then there’s  Oloroso, this type of sherry is made with almost completely no flor. (alcohol is added to stop the flor) So oxidation occurs and give the sherry this brownish colour. It’s one of the more powerful sherry wines.

International Sherry week 6 – 12 november 2017

The time of maturing gives the many differences between them. So you have to try them first to know if a particular house is up for you. And the last one I want to mention is Amontillado. This is a more complex sherry in making and tasting. In fact it’s a little bit of both.  So partly reductive and oxidative. This gives many differences as well. Like the ratio between the two wines that are blended. More reductive more acidity, more oxidative more flavour. 

Golden tips buying / tasting Sherry wine

1) Buy the smallest bottle. You can taste one bottle or you can compare two half bottles. It’s up to you. 

2) Pick the right producers ! How just follow tip 1  or make a sherry tasting with friends.

3) Create the mood. Make a special sherry moment in your day/week. And add some tapas.

4) Keep a spare bottle around. Just for the occasion.

5) Mark your calendar. International sherry week is on his way.

Yes there are more styles of Sherry to discover  for example  Palo Cortado & Cream. So make a moment to taste them all. If you like sweet you really have to try the amazing PX.  Especially if you never had. And don’t forget to look at the fantastic coloured  rim 

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