Germany and Riesling a bond for centuries. From the many steep slopes and different soils that Germany is rich. It gives wines in different styles. Wines for wine lovers. And wine lovers loves those wines. 

Acidity, sweetness, petrol & lime. Riesling here we go …

From the vibrant & lively dry Riesling style (think about the classic or selection line) that almost jumps out of your glass. To the more mature ripe and opulent styles like Spätlese or Auslese. These wines can be enjoyed when they are young, but many will improve with age. Think about decades  and longer. Even the ‘Kabinett’ wines, that almost flew out of the radar the last couple of years are age worthy wines. They surprised me and will surprise you to. If they are from the right producer. And if you can find them with age. Any way from the right producer you can buy the recent years and put them away for later. An investment in time. If you can keep them closed.

Kabinett,Spätlese and Auslese are examples of some off the so called “Prädikats” wines of Germany. The quality wines to look out for. While  Kabinett is a “light” wine made of ripe grapes and have very often a low alcohol degree.  Spätlese is more full bodied. The grapes are fully ripe and harvested late. And Auslese is made of fully ripe and selected grapes. This makes the many differences between them.  

The best Riesling region of Germany …?

For me there is no favourite Riesling wine region.  (Favourite producers I have.) Some great regions to look out for are Rheinhessen, Rheingau, Palz and off course the Mosel. It’s the subtle differences between the wines that is the leading role. In fact just put them next to each other. A great Riesling from Rheinhessen (known as the high quality region) next to a Riesling out of the Mosel.  Basic or GG (Grosses Gewächs= great growth a VDP classification) Some producers even give you different samples of wines from different soils like Schieffer (slate) or löss (loess). It’s amazing.

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