Just below the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compastella, in the green north west of Spain is the wine region Rías Baixas. The D.O. (Spanish quality wine) just exists nearly30 years. (1988) Although inside this D.O. red wine is made among others from the grape Mencia. This region is best known for its fantastic white wines made of mainly the Albariño grape.

Around this grape there’s a nice myth. The Albariño grape would descend from the Riesling grape out of Germany. German pilgrims would have taken the Riesling with them to Santiago de Compostella… The name of the grape symbolizes still this story. Alba-ríño literally means ”white from the Rhine”. However researchers believe that the DNA isn’t similar.

The grape grows as well according a special growing method. ‘Emparrados‘ this is a kind of pergola, that protect the grapes against the humid soils. This way mould and diseases have less change. And the thick canopy also protects the grapes against the bright sun. 

Albariño is one of the best grapes of the world. It will give wines with floral and herbal scents. And a taste of peach, apricots and tropical fruits. A wine that preferably is consumed when he’s young, but can age very well. 

Wine made of the Albariño grape pairs well with shellfish,sushi or fresh salads. Do you want to know more about this grape? Or discover your own taste? Take a look at our E-Learning program. 

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