For wine lovers with ambition

The smartest solution for your employees and students


For wine lovers with ambition

The smartest solution for your employees and students

Over 38250 people went before you!
  • Wine training at every level, from beginner to Vinologist

  • Innovative and no-nonsense!

  • Over 92% pass the SVH exam in one go

  • 365 days a year learning when it suits you

  • Zero tax

Discover the possibilities of Winetraining-online


Confidently you can give advice on wine!


You can recognize the most important grape varieties!


You know how to name the difference between wines!


You learn when it suits you, at home from the couch.


Learning through play and pleasure, that is Winetraining Online.

Unique learning method

Studies show that we remember as much as 90% of the information offered in the combination of seeing, hearing and interaction (for example, reading is only 10%!). Game learning responds to the fact that the motivation to learn something is strongly improved when education is combined with ‘fun’. In addition to this aspect of ‘entertainment’, game learning has a number of strong points:

Game learning, that is learning and entertainment. Learning through entertainment, you could also say.

By offering certain information and / or skills in game form, we make learning, discovering and experiencing fun. The user remains motivated and the knowledge gained is remembered better. Everyone can gather knowledge and gain experience at their own pace. Every user receives explanations and feedback.

SVH 2 (Basic)

  • 12 modules

  • 4 map assignments

  • 120+ order questions

  • 300+ multiple-choice questions

  • 120+ Wine & Food (Match - No Match)

  • 12 video instructions

  • Feedback per question

  • Certificate

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